Laneous & The Family Yah   P, R, M, Ma, Pl

The Optimen   R, M, Pl

MKO   P, R, M

Bankrupt Billionaires   P, R, M

The Well Alrights   P, R, M, Ma

Pleasure Treasure with The Well Alrights   R, M, Ma

Georgia Potter   P, M, Pl

Banawurun   P, R, M

Dubmarine   R, M

Noah Slee   M

Mark Lowndes   M

21Hundred   M

UnTii TuTTii   M

Grim Tilla & The Diablo   M, Ma

Schoolfight   P, R, M

James Grehan   P, R, M

Pear and the Awkward Orchestra   P, R, M, Ma

Signature Series   P, R, M

The Boss Cats   P, R, M, Ma

Cuca Shop   R, M

Hannah Macklin & the Maxwells   R, M, Ma

Deep Blue Orchestra   P, R, M

The Serenity   P, R, Ma

The Muskats   P, R, M, Ma

Taste of Teeth   P, R, M

Kissing the Blue Lady   P, R, M

Angeline Winter Band   P, R, M

Militant Vixen   P, R, M, Ma

The String Selection   M

Malicious Saviour   R, M

The Bakery   P, R, M

Cameron Millford   P, R

Tara Simmons   P, R, M

Maudlin   P, R, M, Ma, Pl

Noel Gardner   P, R, M, Pl

Collage Planning   P, R, M, Ma, Pl

Yuri   P, R, M, Ma

Giris   R, M, Ma

Maureen O’Brien   P, R, M

Moot   R, M, Ma

Soldiers of the Sun   R, M

Friendship Audio   M

Omega Red   R

Remiks   Ma

Fox n Firkin   Ma



P = Produced

R = Recorded

M = Mixed

Ma = Mastered

Pl = Played