peet gardner is a recording engineer, music producer and sample based performer based in Brisbane, Australia.

Working primarily out of Vintage Youth | Psi-fi Studios he has amassed a back catalogue of over 30 releases with a myriad of artists. Working and gaining experience across all genres, peet has crafted a strong sense of who he is as a producer, currently regressing stylistically to the dirt and essence of music from a time long passed, while maintaining a modern day pop sensibility.

His studio work has been rewarded with a Queensland Recording Association Sunnie Award and numerous Q-Music Q-Song Awards.

Limited not just to the indoors of a studio, he has worked as the Technical Director of improvised performance collective Collage Planning (MUJI @ the Judith Wright Centre, KAKAKA @ Jugglers Art Space, ect.) and currently tours nationally as the Production Manager and Sound Engineer (live and studio) for the contemporary Deep Blue Orchestra (winners of the 2009 APACA Drover Award for ‘Excellent Audience Response’).

Since 2007 peet has also been kept a busy national touring, recording and performance schedule, backed by national radio play, with croon-punks Laneous & the Family-Yah and hip-hop quintet The Optimen, where he combines his MPC, sampling, keyboard, guitar, bass and percussive skills.